If you’re a bride or groom-to-be, one of the most prevalent questions in your concerns is “Which https://marbella-wedding.com/jewish-wedding-traditions-symbols/ hand does the wedding band go on? ” This is because wedding jewelry are icons of a life time commitment to each other.

The answer to this question varies from way of life to traditions and depends upon which little finger and side you want to wear your ring upon. The traditional response is that the ring is placed at the fourth little finger of your left, https://elitemailorderbrides.com/estonian-women/ often referred to as the “ring finger. ” This is also the finger you’ll wear a great engagement ring about.


Usually, women only wear a diamond ring on the left hand, employing some couples, both companions may choose to embellish an engagement ring on the same hand. In a few countries, just like Russia and Poland, it is very also popular among wear your engagement ring in your right hands alongside wedding event ring.

Why is it Like that?

The tradition of using a diamond ring on the same hand as your wedding band is believed to be rooted in ancient Greek and Both roman beliefs about the “vein of love” connecting right to the ring finger. Though this theory has become discredited, that still holds some intimate that means to many couples today.

While the tradition of using an engagement ring that you write in the cue section hand is still well-known in European countries, there are other places around the world where it’s not that much common to dress in your wedding ring on the left hand. In India, for example , the left is considered unfortunate or contaminated, so if you’re engaged and getting married there, obviously more appropriate to put on your wedding ring on your right hand.